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Small Business Accounting

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Professional Business Accounting Services in Barrington

Business accounting isn’t like balancing your personal checkbook or creating a monthly budget for your household. If you are an entrepreneur running your own business, your experience with managing finances may only go so far as overseeing a checking and savings account, but successful control of your business’ finances is a long-range game that takes expertise to help you stay profitable. For small to mid-sized businesses that are looking to stay organized and profitable, Nieminski Robbins & Associates provides business accounting services in Barrington, IL.

Essential Business Accounting Duties

Your business accounting duties are more complex than they may seem. The accounting process is a big-scope project that ties-into other account tasks, such as tax strategy. If this sounds intimidating to you as a business owner, you’re not alone. Such an intricate system takes know-how and expertise, which is where our business-oriented CPAs’ skill-set comes in.  We provide critical services for small business accounting, including:

  • Record-keeping and data entry – Accurate accounting and bookkeeping requires that you track everything coming into and leaving your business. How else can you correctly plan for the future if you don’t keep track of the now?

  • Tax planning and strategy - Thinking ahead will save you time and money in the long run. If you haven’t stopped to think about how you’re approaching your taxes, you might be leaving money on the table. Our business accounting services include helping you plan for and prepare your taxes, so that you can lower your liability, while remaining compliant with all regulations.

  • Cash flow management – We help you create and stick to a budget, so you can keep your money in the right places.

Small business accounting services from our Barrington CPA firm are about helping you save time and money -- two important items for small business owners. With Nieminski Robbins & Associates at your side, you don’t have to worry about being the bookkeeping, accounting, and report-generating expert.

Consider the State of your Current Accounting Set Up

If you’ve been taking on business accounting tasks on your own, you may need to spend some time evaluating your current processes.

  • Do you have an efficient system in place for handling and tracking cash and credit payments?

  • Have you been generating snap-shot reports of your finances so you know where you stand?

  • Do you have accounting software? Are you using all of its features? Are you interested in using accounting software for the first time?

For small to mid-sized businesses in Barrington, Nieminski Robbins & Associates can help you find solutions to these business accounting strategy questions with generation of balance sheets and income statements, bank reconciliations, Quickbooks setup and training, and unlimited consultations.

To schedule your free business accounting consultation from our Barrington CPA firm, contact us today!